Sunday, April 26, 2009

Do you believe your destiny?

There is a widespread sentence which most Koreans especially girls know. Meeting the person three times a day means that the person is your soul mate. I usually don't believe destiny,but the coincidence that I experienced that day made me believe the destiny. When I just became a high school student, I planned to go somewhere to hang out with my friends. We didn't have cars, so we decided to take subway. While waiting in line to buy tickets, I saw a man standing in front of me, and We saw each other When he turned around after buying a ticket. I usually can't remember people's appearance well, if they are not my friends, but at that time, I totally remembered his face. I felt weird, but I just ignored that feeling, because it was more important for me to hang out with my friends. We went to another stations and going around watching scenery and talking. Few hours later, we felt hungry and went to the restaurant to eat some food. We went to the counter to order food and I saw him again as the same situation as before. He stood in front of me again and I recognize him in seconds. I was so surprised, because the place we met again was different and far from where I live in. At the Same restaurant at same time?? It was interesting.
We saw each other again after he ordered his food, he also looked a little bit surprise after seeing me. The situation was exciting, but I just concentrated on playing with my friends. After eating, we watched a movie, and we decided to move to different place. We took a subway again and having a good time arriving a different place, and unbelievable thing happened again. We were at cafe and I saw him again.
After seeing him again, I thought myself that "Is he really my soul mate? Do I have to say something to him or not?" I kept thinking alone for a long time. when I turned around to see him again, I realized that it was too late, because he already left. I'm not sure whether he is really my soul mate or not, but I can still remember his face even though it's been a long time.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

My worst experience about foods

Actually I've never had that kind of experience. When I was young, I was so selfish, I didn't do anything if I didn't want. It was also same when it came to foods. I didn't eat anything if i didn't want but vegetables. My parents forced me to eat vegetables, so I ate vegetables, but I don't think that was the worst memory about foods, however I was shocked when other people ate something. When I was a high school students, one day after the class was finished, I just took a rest at my house. I was changing the channel until I found the program that I was interested in and suddenly some program grabbed my attention. That program was about eating competition. People who ate the most lots of foods would win, and that time people sould eat cow's tongue and I was shocked. I've never seen that kind of thing and I didn't even know that people ate it as a food. Cow's tongue was bigger than I expected, and that made me feel a little bit uncomfortable. It's been a long time that I watched it, but I can still imagine what people were eating.
My second experience happened today. Even though I had a lots of homeworks, I played with my friends at weekends, so I had to study before coming monday. so I was studying at library at sunday. Several hours later I felt a little bit hungry. A friend of mine also felt hungry. In addition, other friend called to my friend and asked to eat dinner together, so we went to the Great of Wall buffet. While putting some foods on my plate, I found frog's legs were serving. I was surprised, and asked to my friend that why don't you try that food? I asked for fun, but he really got frog's leg and ate it a little bit and then tried me to eat it. Becasue there were 4people in there include me, I suggested them to play games,'rock scissor paper' and loser would eat frog's leg. Everyone agreed with my opinion and my friend ate that food in the end. I'm sure that it was a good experience for him.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

What do I want to be remembered for..

I've never thought about my death, maybe that thinking makes me feel sad, so this topic is really difficult for me. On the other hand, If I think differently, it's kind of a good chance to think about my death.
I want my people think about me as a funny people. I like people who make me smile, because if I'm with that kind of people, even if I feel sad and bad, I can get over it easily. I also want to make people feel funny. I'm look like a serious person, becuase my face looks serious. When I was in a middle school and a high school, some people sometimes said to me that "You know what? You look really serious, when I saw you at first, It was very hard for me to talk to you, but after getting to know you, now I know that you are a very funny friend". I also can't talk very well with people who I meet for the first time, I don't know why, but I just can't think clearly what I have to say to them. If I know someone very well or meet close friends,on the other hand, I can talk very well with them, becuase I feel really comfortable.
I also want my people think me as a person who always lives her life with passion and do her best on doing everything. I was so jealous when I saw person who lived its life with passion. Whenever I saw that kind of person, it always be my roll model, because I always thought that I wanted to be like that person.
When I was in high school,there was a friend of mind. She knew how to use her time effectively, and she tried to do everything with passion. Because of her behavior, I was always encouraged. From that time, she was a my roll model. When I became a freshman, I met that kind of person again. Believe or not, I tried to do my best on doing everything. It was hard time, but it was the most rewarding of my life. I also hoped that my behavior will encourage people.
In summary, I hope people think about me as a funny girl, and tried to live her life with passion.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Stereotype of koreans

From several years ago, media, television starts to emphasize beauty. They finally made people believe that “people who are skinny and beautiful are normal”. That influences a lot to people. Thousands of fitness clubs were opened, and people started to work out to lose their weight. Now people are crazy about it even they are normal. People also became the fan of stars, because all of them are pretty beautiful and skinny, and if some people are pretty and beautiful, no matter who they are, they also become like stars.
As time goes by, people are becoming to care about their fashion. While they are watching television, internet, people or their favorite stars and if they think that clothes which they wear is pretty. They bought same thing. Because people are crazy about buying clothes, some people starts to run their business as selling clothes especially through internet. If you connect with internet, I’m sure that you will see thousands of internet shopping malls.
What I want to talk about is that how much people especially teenagers are influenced by fashion. There are funny pictures that are made for fun. That are the way how 85% of teenagers wear their clothes. Can you imagine? I think it is a good thing that people become to care about their fashion, but the problem is that people just wear exactly the way others wear, people just follow the newest fashion, thinking that is the way they are looked as good.
On the way going somewhere, I can see a lot of people easily who wear same clothes going around. I also sometimes follow the way others wear, but I don’t think that is a good. I hope people can find a way how they wear clothes caring about their own thinking.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Actually there is no history about our national flag not like other countries, however, there are a lot of meanings in it. Before explaining the meaning of the national flag of Korea, Taegukgi, I'd like to explain background and history about it. ‘Taegeukgi’ was to be a official flag of Korea on March 6, 1883 by King Gojong. There were also 'Samtaeguk' and 'Taeguk'. 'Samtaeguk' was used in ancient times especially in Buddhist temples, bells, royal tombs and so on. It also represents country or is used for hoping happiness. Our country flag looks like complicated, and it is. When I was a elementary student, there was an exam which was drawing a ‘Taegukgi’, and I was always confused. If you look at the middle of the Taegukgi, you can see a circle whose color are red and blue. That is called ‘Taeguk’ and it means harmony. The red one means ‘Yang’, the other one means ‘Yin’ and a circle means principle of universe. If you look edge of the Taegukgi, there are something whose color is black, looks like skinny square. There are four in Taegukgi. All of them look similar but different. If you count on each of them, they all have different numbers. It means heaven’s blessing and a bright future. There is also another meaning in here. Two of them which is located at upper left and right mean water and heaven. The Rest of them which is located at lower left and right mean earth and fire. Last, background’s color is white, and it means peace. The reason why both country, North and South Korea have different national flags is because North Korea changed their flag. Both of them chose ‘Taegeukgi’ as their national flags after independence, but North Korea changed their flags after 3years.

Saturday, February 28, 2009

The best memory after coming to USA

I arrived in USA at Jan 5th. I expect to meet a lot of peoples, and have fun, but It was even very hard to meet someone. That time was in vacation, so every college students already went to their homes. I spend almost three days lonely. I thought Carbondale was boring place, because there are no people at the street and store near the dormitory. After speding several days lonely, I met some friends. They are Anna, and Bora. I met them at Cesl office. When I went to the office to ask something to joy. I talkied to her that "I'm so boring. There are nothing to do in here. I always spend time watching television, and she said to Anna "Anna she feels so boring. you said you invited Bora today, she also an korean same as Bora. If you invite her too, it will be fun" That was the first time meeting Anna and Bora. Anna invited me as she said, and I ate dinner with them and had fun. Actually I'm a little uncomfortable when I have to meet people that I really don't know, but that time was really fun. Even If I didn't know them well. we talked a lot about movies, cultures and other countries. That dinner also was very good. Anna, she have a lot of international friends. She is interested in another countries and cultures. Bora, she means a lot to me, because she is a first korean girl that I met in the USA. That day was my best memory after coming to USA. I want to say thank you to them. When I felt really lonely, they helped a lot.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Reading Reaction Journal #3


Pereira, J.(n.d.). How to avoid getting your information stolen via wireless connections. Retrieved February 17, 2009 from


This article is about the fact that personal information could be pilfered even by wireless internet. If you suddenly send information through sites that are not trusted, It's like showing your information to the public. many people stole personal information using wireless technology. The way they stole personal information is very easy. Most crimes are performed at cars. They drive cars with laptops and use other people's wireless connections, and copy from their personal information to a financial one; It is called war-driving.


I didn't know that personal information could be stolen by wireless connections. It's a very useful title, but I don't think this article is good. Body sentences are totally seperate from the title. If you see the title, as you know, you may expect the way to avoid crimes in which your information is stolen via wireless technology. I'm sure you didn't get the information, because the article just mentions how the crime is performed and how dangerous it is. If the author just wants to write about crimes, he has to change the title.
I can't believe that personal information is stolen even by wireless connections. I don't think I can believe in IT, even if it is convenient. After developing the computer, it is true that our life is much more convenient compared to before. We don't have to go to the bank, shopping, and so on by ourselves, because computer can do almost everything we have to do more conveniently, but it also causes other problems. Problems are that crimes using computers have increased and our personal information is not safe anymore. Protecting our information strongly has to be made as soon as possible, and also people shouldn't trust the compuer totally, and have to be careful not to have thier information stolen.