Sunday, April 26, 2009

Do you believe your destiny?

There is a widespread sentence which most Koreans especially girls know. Meeting the person three times a day means that the person is your soul mate. I usually don't believe destiny,but the coincidence that I experienced that day made me believe the destiny. When I just became a high school student, I planned to go somewhere to hang out with my friends. We didn't have cars, so we decided to take subway. While waiting in line to buy tickets, I saw a man standing in front of me, and We saw each other When he turned around after buying a ticket. I usually can't remember people's appearance well, if they are not my friends, but at that time, I totally remembered his face. I felt weird, but I just ignored that feeling, because it was more important for me to hang out with my friends. We went to another stations and going around watching scenery and talking. Few hours later, we felt hungry and went to the restaurant to eat some food. We went to the counter to order food and I saw him again as the same situation as before. He stood in front of me again and I recognize him in seconds. I was so surprised, because the place we met again was different and far from where I live in. At the Same restaurant at same time?? It was interesting.
We saw each other again after he ordered his food, he also looked a little bit surprise after seeing me. The situation was exciting, but I just concentrated on playing with my friends. After eating, we watched a movie, and we decided to move to different place. We took a subway again and having a good time arriving a different place, and unbelievable thing happened again. We were at cafe and I saw him again.
After seeing him again, I thought myself that "Is he really my soul mate? Do I have to say something to him or not?" I kept thinking alone for a long time. when I turned around to see him again, I realized that it was too late, because he already left. I'm not sure whether he is really my soul mate or not, but I can still remember his face even though it's been a long time.

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  1. Awww, what a cure story! If he's really your soulmate you'll see him again! (You should draw m a picture!)